Google’s new feature.

To mute those annoying reminders ads which disturbs while browsing.

There will be a new customizing tool in google account to mute or manage ads.

Google, which has highest shares in global advertising budget is likely to introduce a new setting tool which makes user to mute reminder ads.  Announced by Jon Krafcik who is googles group product manager and data privacy and transparency.

While browsing on websites which are using google ad sense program to display or popup reminder ads while browsing e-commerce sites. Like buying a pair of shoes, whatever may be the reason usually user don’t buy it instantly because user wants to keep looking around for offers and new trend of shoes. Next time when the user is browsing even after purchase of shoes, the same ads may pop-up. Can be avoided by the new feature.

Reminder ads are useful, but if user is not interested these ads are of no use. This is annoying for uninterested user and can be muted by user by new introduced setting in google account.This feature is likely to be introduced on YouTube and chrome browser in upcoming months.

This feature may last up to 90 days but google is quick enough and it only affects sites and services which give preference to only ads and other ad services which shows the user same kind of reminder ads, which means this feature is not applicable for other ads which are shown by different ad sense programs.

This great feature makes the user to mute more number of ads. This feature is also applicable to all the devices which are logged in from a common google account. As it is customized by using google account for controlling of ads of google ad sense program, every user who wants to use this feature is mandated to have a google account. And must be logged on browsing application or a android device.

For more details and procedure to customize ad visibility follow the blog of google from this link :

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